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Enhance the potential of your property

We are committed to helping our clients create an added value to their houses by developing,  improving and refurbishing as well as finding the right balance between the durability and aesthetics of the property.

We aim to work on the perfect fit between the standard of the house and prospective tenants to increase your renting profits. First impressions may be crucial when choosing the right property for rent so we can make sure the surroundings of the house are upgraded to make it more appealing to tenants-to-be.

If you need to make adaptations to your property in order to meet the requirements for (Houses in Multiple Occupation)HMO we are definitely the builders that will be able to assist.


  • If you are a landlord and would like to maximise the renting potential of your property
  • If you would like to convert a family house into a multi occupancy dwelling
  • Get the right balance between a good look and durability
  • Create a perfect home for your tenants
  • Meet requirements for HMO properties


  • Move a kitchen to a newly built extension
  • Create an en-suite in an existing bedroom
  • Refurbish the property in and out
  • Refresh the house
  • Split a master bedroom into two independent bedrooms with en-suites
  • Change the layout of the corridors, landings and staircase
  • Upgrade heating and electrical systems to new standards
  • Upgrade the house to meet fire regulations
  • Garage or loft conversions
  • Upgrading water mains
  • Help with damp and mould conditions
  • Upgrading house environment (garden, drive, fence, parking spaces)
  • Replacing, remodelling windows
  • Provide necessary certificates

And more...

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